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Geoneon03 January 2023< 1 min read

What is social vulnerability to natural disasters?

Social vulnerability to natural disasters refers to how likely a community or population is to be affected by natural disasters, such as wildfire, heatwaves, floods, or landslides. This vulnerability is often determined by a combination of social, economic, and environmental factors that make certain communities more prone to the negative impacts of natural disasters.


For example, communities with high levels of poverty or disadvantaged groups may be more vulnerable to natural disasters because they may have fewer resources or less access to resources to prepare for or recover from these events.



With new climate change impact and climatic disaster events up almost daily, even seasoned practitioners are bound to run into a term or acronym that leaves them thinking. For those head-scratching moments, we are creating the ultimate glossary #DisasterRiskReduction and #ClimateChangeAdaptation terms: