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Geoneon30 May 20241 min read

Geoneon's Journey from Risk to Reward: CEO Roxane Bandini-Maeder's Story

In a recent feature by Brand Tasmania, Roxane Bandini-Maeder, CEO and Co-founder of Geoneon, shared her personal journey and the genesis of our company — a Hobart-based tech innovator focused on mapping, evaluating, and reporting climate risks using advanced geospatial data and AI technologies. 

Growing up near the stunning landscapes of Lausanne, Switzerland, Roxane's childhood was steeped in nature and the thrills of rock climbing. Her love for the natural world dovetailed perfectly with her academic pursuits in environmental studies and geography, setting her on a path deeply intertwined with understanding and managing climate risks. 

Her move to Tasmania, driven by a blend of personal and professional motivations, marked a turning point. Roxane and her husband Alex, also a risk assessment professional, saw the potential of Tasmania as not just a home but a base for a groundbreaking venture. Faced with the beautiful yet fire-prone landscapes of Mount Nelson, the lack of specific, actionable data on their environmental risks became a driving force behind the formation of Geoneon. 

From their first contract signed just a week after founding the company, Roxane and Alex have prioritised investing in research and development over immediate profits, aiming to create scalable solutions that communities worldwide can utilise to mitigate the impacts of climate change. 

Today, Geoneon is not just a successful business but a testament to the power of combining passion with innovation. Our commitment goes beyond business metrics; it's about enabling informed decision-making that saves lives and preserves ecosystems. 

Roxane's story is a vivid reminder of how personal experiences and challenges can catalyse significant professional achievements and societal contributions. As we continue to grow and tackle new challenges, we remain inspired by our roots and the journey that has brought us here. 

For the full story on Roxane's journey and insights into Geoneon's impact, visit Brand Tasmania's coverage.