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Geoneon16 April 20242 min read

Reflecting on Our Journey: A Look at Geoneon’s Feature on Climate Salad

At Geoneon, we believe that our mission transcends merely conducting business; it is about initiating substantial changes to protect our planet and its inhabitants. Recently, our co-founder and CEO Roxane Bandini-Maeder had the privilege of being featured in an insightful article on Climate Salad, a platform dedicated to elevating the discourse around climate tech and sustainable futures. This recognition not only highlights Geoneon’s commitment to advancing climate resilience through technology but also underscores the vital role of female leadership in the tech sector. 

Geoneon was born out of a shared vision to make the planet safer and more understandable through the power of geospatial data and AI. In her interview with Climate Salad, Roxane detailed her journey into the heart of climate tech, driven by a profound commitment to disaster risk reduction and environmental protection. At Geoneon, we are pioneering the use of Earth Observation and Artificial Intelligence to transform complex environmental data into actionable insights. These insights are crucial for asset managers, policymakers, and communities, guiding them in climate risk mitigation and adaptation strategies. 

One of the focal points of the Climate Salad article was the empowerment of women in the climate tech field. Roxane passionately articulated the need for increased visibility and representation of women in this space. At Geoneon, we are committed to this cause, actively supporting, and fostering a diverse workplace where innovative ideas flourish. We believe that empowering women not only enriches the field but also propels us towards a more inclusive and impactful future. 

The spirit of collaboration is at the core of what excites us about climate tech. As Roxane shared, the dynamic, collaborative nature of this sector fuels our efforts and magnifies our impact. Our projects across Australia and Asia have shown the power of collective endeavour, and we continue to seek out partnerships that enhance our capabilities and extend our reach. 

As we reflect on our journey and the recognition by Climate Salad, we are reminded of the responsibility we carry. The urgency of climate change demands innovative solutions, and at Geoneon, we are ready to meet this challenge head-on. We invite you to stay tuned to our blog, "Updates & Insights," where we will continue to share our advancements, insights, and stories of resilience from around the globe. 

We encourage everyone, especially women interested in making a significant impact on climate change solutions, to consider the possibilities within climate tech. As Roxane advised, set your direction, embrace the challenges, and trust in your abilities. The path may be demanding, but the rewards are immense—not just for us, but for future generations. 

For a more detailed read on Roxane’s insights and our feature in Climate Salad, click here to read the full article.